You must have a million questions! These frequently asked questions will help guide you to questions you may have that have not been covered on our home page. Below we try to answer them all but if you still have questions shoot us and email at or fill out the contact form.

When should I book my newborn session?

From the homepage it is a self-scheduling option where we schedule your due date. Upon delivery you will contact the studio and a firm date is scheduled for you and your newborn to come in for the photo shoot. We do advise you to book your newborn session as soon as you are in your second trimester as the calendar fills up months in advance

When should my newborn photo shoot take place?

For posed newborn images these are taken between 5-12 days. During this time the baby sleeps up to 18 hours a day. They are able to curl into womb like positions similar to poses in their newborn shoot. After 12 days they are more awake and sensitive to touch. If your baby is older than 10 days don’t get discouraged! Some newborns are still able to get into these positions and I also shoot baby led and natural poses where baby is awake or asleep. The session will likely take a little bit longer but we still get amazing photos. Above all safety of your child is paramount. If its a natural newborn session these baby shoots your newborn can be up to 30 days.

My baby is already born.  Is it too late to schedule a newborn session?

No! While we generally book newborn sessions many months in advance, given the necessarily fluid nature of scheduling newborn sessions, we sometimes have last-minute openings.  Moreover, while we recommend that newborn sessions take place during the first two weeks, we are always happy to photograph older babies. These sessions usually end up in the natural style with baby led posing.

Do we, the parents, need to be in the photographs? I don’t feel ready to have my picture taken yet.

The premise of my studio is to document your memories, not perfect memories but you as you are in that particular moment in time. I truly believe in existing in photographs with your children. I understand that so shortly after giving birth, you might not feel ready to have your picture taken or feel uncomfortable doing so. However, I do my best to pose you in the most flattering manner and you will look amazing. You will cherish your photos and be glad that you were in them.

Will you come to my home for the newborn photo session?

The studio caters for all shoots to be in studio aside from child, maternity and family shoots. I do travel for newborn sessions, however that is a custom session that is catered for through You may use the contact form to schedule a custom session. Since we have a significant quantity of props, lighting equipment, heaters and backgrounds, it is not feasible to bring everything, so we’ll ask you to pick your favorite props for travel.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, & Paypal. Deposits are taken at the time you schedule and upon receipt of contract full payment is due. There is no obligation to purchase products however, if you do so same payment methods are accepted and there are payment plans available.

Are you insured and do you have your vaccinations? 

I have full coverage insurance and business licenses together up to date vaccinations for Tdap and whooping cough vaccinations.

May I take pictures during the newborn photo shoot with my phone?

It’s best not to distract us so we can we focus on styling the sets and getting the best possible pictures of your baby. Sit back, relax, take a much needed nap. You are also welcome to connect to our wi-fi.

How many people may I bring to the photo shoot?

The attendees to your photo shoot are limited to the package you have selected and the number of people you have indicated that will be included in the photo shoot.

Do I need to bring anything to the session and what should we wear?

The studio is equipped with everything required for a successful newborn session. This includes studio wardrobe for mothers and children younger than three. If there is a particular look you would like feel free to contact me before your shoot for styling and shopping advice. The studio has a large selection of props, backgrounds, backdrops, wraps, blankets , head ties and flokati rugs. These are materials with a lot of texture and handmade. The studio also a changing station with everything you need to change your baby. Otherwise I advise simple clothing selection is best. We recommend that the rest of the family wear clothing that coordinates without matching exactly.  Children should wear clothes that they like and in which they are comfortable, and avoid patterns, logos and very bright colors. You may look at our clothing guides on the studio Pinterest account.

What should I pay attention to prior to the session? How do I prepare?

This frequently asked question is very normal especially for first time parents! On the day of the photo shoot for your newborn we ask you not to feed your baby prior to coming in and instead feed your baby when you arrive at the studio. This ensures your newborn is full and he/she will fall asleep ready for the photo shoot. We also ask you to dress your newborn in button down onesie or clothing that is easy to remove. In addition to tie the diaper loosely not to leave indentations that leave marks.  If you are breast-feeding, it is best to keep a bottle of expressed milk on hand for use during the session.  If you do use one, pacifiers are also extremely helpful for allowing us to calm your baby during the session. For further information please see our full blog post for full newborn.

What is the temperature in the studio area?

Your newborn baby is used to womb temperatures. In addition some of the poses your newborn will be naked or wrapped lightly. For these reasons the studio is VERY warm, between 80-90 degrees F. This enables me to keep your baby cozy and sleeping.

How long will the newborn session last? If a session takes longer, what happens then?

The length of time for the session depends on the session you have selected. That being said the sessions are baby led according to how long baby stays asleep, feeding and changing needs. You are given time to feed your baby. Safety and comfort of your newborn is paramount. With exceptions, we ask parents to schedule for one and half to two hours for your photo shoot.

I saw a particular pose (or set design) that I would like you do with my newborn, is that possible?

Poses are dictated according to the style you select. That being said your baby dictates certain poses. Whether they are asleep or awake, feeding and personality. That being said not all babies are able to be moulded into certain poses and this depends on their weight, flexibility, age and bone structure. I try my best and if pose not possible, its either modified or we move one to another one.

May I bring any props to use?

The complete shoot is dictated by the package selected, colors of wardrobe and props provided but you can bring small token or sentimental prop that you would like to include in a photo or two.

Is there a deposit fee and is it refundable?

The deposit fee is $100 and is non-refundable. We have limited sittings and are often completely booked. The session fee is due upon receipt of your contract and photo shoot time is reserved for you.

If I have to cancel my photo session, can I reschedule?

Because we have a very small window to photograph your newborn baby (ideally the first 5-12 days) we will likely be unable to reschedule your newborn session except in case of illness of your newborn. We have limited openings and will only have one (1) chance to complete the photo session. We do not double book time slots and will be expecting you to arrive on time or early for your session.

May I purchase extra digital files?

If you would like to purchase just a few of the digital files, you may do so after selecting the images your package determined. We do not sell unedited or raw digital files.

What restrictions if any are on the digital files once purchased?

By purchasing digital files that are uploaded to you on a secure online gallery gives you the gives you reproduction rights to the images for personal use only. For printing purposes a print release is given to you to provide the printing lab. You may use the digital files to create any products of your choice for personal use. You are also welcome to order any products from the studio from the a la carte menu. Client is prohibited from altering, selling, publishing or disseminating said images for any purposes other than for personal use. Client may not use the digital files for monetary gain, income, editorial display, or publication.

Will I be able to post images on social media?

Yes you may! We love you sharing your images with family and friends. We ask that all images shared have the Fiona Kaye Photography logo on it.

What if I end up delivering earlier or later than my due date? What happens to my photo session appointment?

Once your baby’s session is reserved with a non-refundable deposit we have carved out a time slot for your family – early or late. We have never missed a baby session.

What if we are late?

We encourage you to map the route to the studio to allow ample time to drive here and encourage you to be on time to ensure a non rushed session and ample time to settle in and relax before the photo shoot begins. If you are late to the photo session we will start when you arrive.

 How soon should I expect my photos?

We make it a priority to edit as soon as possible, and upload your personalized online viewing album within 2 weeks of your session.

Is there a maximum selection time to select your images?

Yes, it is 2 Weeks from the date of receiving your online gallery for selection.

How long do you retain the digital negatives for my images if we would like to purchase images at a later date?

Any unordered images will be deleted 3 months after your order is finalized.